We are not animals or robots we are human beings. Human Rights for all! Video Taiwan


【短片】25萬公民寫歷史齊唱「你敢有聽著咱唱歌 」 | 即時新聞 | 20130803 | 蘋果日報

Video Link: http://www.appledaily.com.tw/realtimenews/article/new/20130803/236328/

We are not alone in Hong Kong for a right to democracy and freedoms. I spoke to a well known tennis player from Taiwan and he told me his reality of growing up in Taiwan. If a person did not agree with the government they were arrested or worst yet disappeared. I am off after church to support Teacher Lin demonstration in Hong Kong. She spoke up for her belief in the right to “public peaceful assembly” and has suffered for her voicing that. You may agree or not agree with her but she does have a human right to “speak”. No one can stop another person from freedom of thought, freedom to speak or not to speak if they so desire or freedom of the press to write. As a christian I believe that they are God-given rights to each human being.


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