Teacher Lin controversy.

This teacher in Hong Kong is the latest flavour of the day for the public attention.  Stories are presented in the media both for and against her everyday.  Students must be confused as to if a teacher is right or wrong.  In Hong Kong students are taught schools and teachers are always right, regardless of reality.
A few days ago I was contacted by a mutual of hers who asked me if what the reacher stated in a public place and not her school while working  is foul language in English?  My viewpoint is the phrase has now been adopted into everyday language.  WTF (I have shortened to remove the actual words, which the teacher used) sadly is commonly used by this generation.  For my older generation it is very foul language.  I do not believe that it should be used by a teacher or anyone.
News reports said that she is a member of outspoken political party, People Power, that supports democracy in Hong Kong.  I hope Ms. Lin can turn this from the use of foul language to a stance for teachers and students need to be outspoken and for freedom of thought for what they believe in.
Public demonstrations in support of Ms. Lin will now be held in the Mong Kok public area on Sunday afternoon.
Tribute to the outspoken teacher Lin!!

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