Every child has the right to protection from bullying.

Bullying is intended to produce fear or at its worst physical violence.  I was told that even in primary (grade) schools in Hong Kong violent students do exist.  Usually this is a case of a broken family or at the best an absentee parent who turns over the children to the care of grandparents or domestic helpers to an unnatural child upbringing and the child in innocence begins to rebellion against an unnatural upbringing.

I went to the Tai Po police station a few months ago and asked if someone swings a fist or open hand (slap) at a child’s face intended to produce fear is that a crime.  The answer was astounding to me.  If it is a family member, no.  If a non family member, maybe.  If contact is made to the body by a family member, maybe.  If a non family member makes contact, yes.

A standard, No.  A double standard, Yes.

Little hope for the real protection from fear for the children in Hong Kong!

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