Scholarism is back, this time for right to vote South China Morning Post


Student-led group returns to scene of national education triumph for new fight

A year after some 100,000 people heeded the call of a student-led group to gather outside government headquarters in protest against national education classes, the student group as back at Tamar.

This time Scholarism’s rallying cry is for universal suffrage. Last night, however, the group – a driving force behind the decision to drop compulsory national education – attracted only about 500 people.

“On the first day when we rallied against national education last year, there were fewer people than we see tonight,” said Scholarism member Agnes Chow Ting. “We believe that hundreds of thousands will join us in the end.”

Last month, Scholarism was among the first groups to table a proposal for universal suffrage in the 2017 Chief Executive election. It wants the future nominating committee to be formed by all 3.2 million voters. The group also suggests functional constituencies should comprise only 40 per cent of seats in the Legislative Council by 2016, and be fully abolished by 2020.

According to the Basic Law and a 2007 decision by the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, the formation of the nominating committee must be “broadly representative”.

Tommy Cheung Sau-yin, another member of the group, said they hoped to “recapture the government” and return it to the people. He said Hongkongers should enjoy the right to nominate their preferred Chief Executive candidates.

This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as Scholarism is back, this time for right to vote Tuesday, 30 July, 2013

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