A very public event in Hong Kong with Scholarism students.


What I always find it amazing to hear from local students attending Hong Kong Chinese schools that they hate school.

I talk to teachers and they tell me they dislike their job working conditions and that how they are teaching students is wrong, they have no choice and cannot change the system. My viewpoint is that the end result are students who want to be set free as soon as possible from study and teachers who are just employed for a good salary.

Last night myself and my son age 6 went to a Scholaism meeting located in the middle of Hong Kong skyline.  Scholaism is a group of Chinese students who stand up for their right to voice their opinions publicly. FB: http://www.facebook.com/Scholarism

I was very encouraged as I enjoyed the event they organized in front of the Central Government Headquarters in Hong Kong.  I estimate between 700 to 1000 attended.  About 100 media, print and tv were also present.   Singing, skits and speakers were presented.  The point of the night was that they demand proper representation as Hong Kong residents before the government.

It was great to see so many well behaved and kind students who are truly inspiring the public like myself and son.


11 thoughts on “A very public event in Hong Kong with Scholarism students.

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