Public violence, teacher apology. What is happening in HK?

The video is long but a discussion at 4:50 mark on the video. (In Chinese)





English Google translate:

[July 27, saying 1:15 latest news and changes increased write the article title]

Pui Ling Precious Blood Primary School and the school teacher Lin Huisi night issued a statement. Lin Huisi expressed for his inappropriate language, to schools, colleagues, parents and students to apologize. Said school teachers in public places for improper behavior, aroused discussion, deeply regret, and teachers has issued a statement of apology, I hope parents and the public understand.

Road see injustice, speak up for ordinary people, because of foul language and apologized. An emerging public pro / pro-government associations, but continue to use violent behavior, and constantly undermine freedom of expression in Hong Kong civil society, environment, and the gloating, law enforcement agencies so far nothing. What is Hong Kong to do?


2 thoughts on “Public violence, teacher apology. What is happening in HK?

  1. So so so sad that the public’s attention doesn’t lie in the communist supported gangsters’ violent suppression of Falun-Gong’s freedon of expression, but onto criticizing this teacher who was just executing righteousness on behalf of the general public, confronting the taken-side police’s unreasonably accusation against her !

    On the other hand, also scary how organized the communist vehicle is, mobilizing massive criticisms bending justice awkwardly, but successfully !

    And yet, majority of Hong Kongers still do not think this is an issue at all, or they don’t even know that there are issues of any !

    • Yes, sometimes things are overblown or taken out of context. We need to stay focused on the goal. Universal Suffrage and human rights in Hong Kong. The me human rights begins with Freedom of speech, thought and to write. Without these we can not move forwards in all areas of suffrage. What are your thoughts?

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