Chater Garden Hunger Strike ongoing by new friends from Hong Kong. Please visit them.


The new group of protesters will be handed over at 8pm Saturday July 27th at Chrter Garden, Central.  Next to Old Lego Building.

New friends as we Joined together for the “hunger strike” for universal suffrage for Hong Kong.  Erica is the new leader of People Power in Hong Kong.  Priscilla, a recent Secondary school graduate and I had many conversations on the sadness of school life in Hong Kong from the Chinese students perspective.

From Facebook page of 袁彌明 Erica Yuen


13th Jue eating tonight I and Priscilla shared through. But Priscilla has a slight fever, please cheer for her!

22 thoughts on “Chater Garden Hunger Strike ongoing by new friends from Hong Kong. Please visit them.

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