Day 3 72 out of 100 hours. My vital signs ok. The past 3 days recap.


I am at the strike with a new friend. She speaks English and we speak about the realities of Hong Kong life. She has a good mind and intellect. Happy to have her as a new friend.

I am not keeping the postings up to date on as I am on hunger, prayer and fasting strike.  Sorry about that.  But will update on HK school issues as often as I am physically able.  I am tired a lot and have lost weight.  But I am under the care of a nurse to keep my vital signs fine.  Now into 72 hours out of the planned 100 hours.  

I have so much to write about as I talk to various members of the strike and also the public who stop by.  Freedom to write, isn’t that a basic human right given to all humans?  So I will write on my thoughts.
Yesterday I spoke to a lot of Christians who stopped by to meet me, as I am a Christian also.  I even received a very nice teak wood cross necklace that was made in China as a gift.  The day before it was a lot of students who stopped by.  The day before that I spoke to a lot of tourists, locals living in Hong Kong and mainland Chinese who are visiting.  I am not sure what tomorrow will bring and I do not worry about it at all.

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