The stone bench for sleeping. Day 1 – 8 of 50 hours

Going back home to feed the dog and return at 1 hour later.  Sleeping on the stone bench in a famous park known as Charter Garden.  7 beds are available but I may not have one for tonight as I did not reserve a spot.  No problems.  Volunteers bring water.  The best part are the people participating and those who stop by to talk.  For those who stop by to talk, about 1/3 are visitors from mainland China who are very interested in democracy.  1/3 are secondary students from Hong Kong.  1/3 are local people or all ages.  The people who stop by are passionate. the police have walked by a few times to count how many people are here.  So this is life in Hong Kong at least for the night.   All my conversations center around student life in Hong Kong and what is a basic human right of freedom of speech, thought and writing. Everyone is very interested in discussion.


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