Student with tears in Central Hong Kong Island.

I have started the 50 hour fast. I have met fascinating people. I need to go some place quite very soon so that I can cry out of public view. The stories I hear move me to tears. Right now two Secondary students are sharing with me. They are very upset about their lack of freedoms, angry at the teachers and society in general. Another recent Secondary student graduate, who is here fasting (hunger strike) for 63 hours, voiced her viewpoints in her school her own viewpoints (which are basic human right freedoms) and was then labeled a monster. All of the students I mentioned said if they speak out they are punished in their schools or by the teachers. PRAY for Me as I am very sad over what I hear and then pray for the students of Hong Kong. One way to help this problem is to do video interviews with students (In Chinese) and then post to the website to encourage other Hong Kong students to speak out with freedom of speech. — at Chartered Garden Central.


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