National Education student stands against and refused to bow to Hong Kong government leader. His story.

I know this is very difficult to understand with Google translate to English. But the point is that I can understand is that a student who was in all the Hong Kong news for not bowing to the leader of Hong Kong. His viewpoint as I understand it is that the student was against “National Education” that he thought was brainwashing to students from the government. This student motivates others including student activist “Joshua” and I pray that other students around Hong Kong will stand up for their human rights. Freedom of speech and thought! – Moderator of
Google translate: (in part)Feng, is only one son and so sweet. The eldest son, names can have the momentum. Feng, whose name is taken from the Bible: “your arrows fengkuai, shot in the heart of enemy King; all fallen on you. “(Psalm 45:5) Joshua is I enjoy the Bible characters:” as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. “(24:15)” the day in your life, no one will be able to stand in front of you. How do I with Moses in, it will be done with you and I will not leave you nor forsake you.

“(1:5) However, people such as its name, fire disease front. For many years, every night before bed, Feng called I pray for his blessing, passages are commonly used: “wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man love his heart, grow together. “(Luke 2:52) cultivation of character:” If a man consecrated, from humble things, must be precious, Holy, is the primary use, prepared unto every good work. “(Timothy 2:21) education but this one thing, Feng in the blessings of growing up.

However, the Chinese dictation is still failing, only results of the oral examination by five stars “pull on up”. We believe that arrow is going to put out, he had his own learning space. However, I can’t believe sharp arrows were so close, so far away. In May 2011, Midnight snack chat, he said idly: “recently moved out of the national education guidelines, had gone too far, and my classmates have set up a face book group, against it. “I’m just” Ah! “Bang, thought that their illnesses have established groups, recently set up face book group because of school lunch-pies.

But get a great. Me and my dad are insulated from the political parties, last March, was in 2003 71 parade. US political intelligence is very low, he said people will fast, I said: “the hunger strike is the little things, we repeatedly go to Korea fasting and praying for three days, no big deal. “See him on the TV do not shake hands with Mr LEUNG Chun-ying (bow was not at that time), my first reaction was:” so not polite! “The next day, newspapers tabloids analysis between shaking hands and bowing, even I couldn’t help asking him,” someone taught you or think of himself? “He said,” just the natural reaction, I see Mrs party Office on the last, bowing. No handshake was predetermined.

[我不是英雄 – 我媽媽ge代序]我兒之鋒—GRACE(黃之鋒母親)


長子嘛,名字大可起得有氣勢一點。之鋒,名字取自《聖經》: 「你的箭鋒快,射中王敵之心;萬民仆倒在你以下。」(詩45:5)Joshua 是我倆欣賞的《聖經》人物: 「至於我和我家,我們必定事奉耶和華。」(書24:15) 「你平生的日子,必無一人能在你面前站立得住。我怎樣與摩西同在,也必照樣與你同在;我必不撇下你,也不丟棄你。」(書1:5)豈料,人如其名,疾鋒烈火。

多年以來,每晚睡前,之鋒總叫我為他祝福祈禱,常用的經文是: 「智慧和身量,並神和人喜愛他的心,都一齊增長。」(路2:52)還有品格培育:「人若自潔,脫離卑賤的事,就必作貴重的器皿,成為聖潔,合乎主用,預備行各樣的善事。」(提後2:21)教育不過這樣的一回事,之鋒就在祝福中成長。來而不往非禮也,之鋒也學得甜言蜜語,體貼入微。小一的生日願望是: 「希望將來娶的太太,好像媽媽般善良、愛主、勤力。」

當時的他,讀書成績長期在下游徘徊,讀寫方面先天性的困難一直帶給他很大的困擾,他卻仍有足夠的自尊自信,簡直難能可貴。小三時,默書分數例牌0 至30 分,但這是温習了兩天的成績。即使到中一,面書上依然分不清「太陽」的「太」和「大自然」的「大」,錯別字多如牛毛。解決之道,就是將勤補拙, 「十分耕耘,一分收穫」,一星期二十小時小組加私人補習,放學後的時光全在補習社度過。上了中學,漸見起色。到了中三,沉迷看書,錯別字漸少,文章風格漸現,居然取得香港浸會大學文學院及香港浸會大學語文中心頒授的「第六屆大學文學獎之少年作家獎」。不過,至今中文默書依然不及格,只靠五星星的口試成績「拉上補下」。

我倆相信,箭是要放出去的,他有自己的學習空間。不過,想不到鋒利的箭會放得這麼近,那麼遠。2011 年5 月間,宵夜聊天時,他閒閒地說: 「最近剛出了國民教育指引,很離譜,我和同學成立了個面書群組,反對它。」我也只是「啊!」的一聲,心想,他們事無大小都成立群組,不久前才因學校午膳飯盒難吃而成立面書群組。誰知,弄個翻天覆地。

我和爸爸都是與政黨絕緣的,上次參加遊行,已是2003 年的七一大遊行了。我倆的政治智慧也甚低,他說學民要絕食,我說: 「絕食很小事,我們也多次去韓國禁食祈禱三天,沒什麼大不了。」在電視上看到他不和梁振英握手(當時看不到鞠躬),我的第一反應是: 「咁無禮貌呀!」第二天,報章鋪天蓋地分析握手和鞠躬之間的學問,連我也禁不住問他:「有人教你還是自己想到的?」他說: 「只是自然反應,我上次上新民黨辦公室見葉劉淑儀,也有鞠躬。不會握手倒是學民早已決定的。」



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