Youth show more interest in civil affairs

讓愛與和平佔領中環 Occupy Central with Love and Peace added aphoto from July 11, 2013 to their timeline.
2013.7.11 突破機構舉辦「公民捨命」集思會
學聯Willis Ho: 剛與戴耀廷、莫慶聯出席突破舉辦的集思會,在場有許多陌生面孔和年青人,很久沒有作過這樣舒暢與實在的分享,完結後有好些人走來說他們被打動了,不懂形容那種鼓舞,每個政治醒覺的人都痛苦但歡迎加入張開眼面對的行列,這就是社會。民間實在許多機構在努力向自己的群眾講社會責任,這種扣連就是讓你知曉在命運共同體下,你不能把政治割裂開來。

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2013.7.11 breakthrough institutions held “citizens died” set SI will guests: Dai Yaoting, and Mo Qinglian, and He Jiehong Federation Willis Ho: just and Dai Yaoting, and Mo Qinglian attended breakthrough held of set SI will, presence has many strange faces and young people, is long no for had such refreshed and is of share, end Hou has better people go for they was impress has, not understand described that encouraging, each political wake up of people are pain but welcomes joined open eye face of ranks, this is social.
Many civil agencies in trying to speak to the masses of social responsibility, which buckles under even the community of fate is to let you know, you cannot be separated from politics.
… Professor of “altruistic” spirit must have ingredients of action coupled with and sacrifice. He also pointed out that the peace initiatives launched his own pay in fact very small, not hope he held too high. He thought Hong Kong’s unique environment to promote the growth of civil society compared with other countries in history of the movement for democracy, in peace in the price to pay is in fact very little.The peace movement is to make you seriously ask yourself how much willing to pay for democracy. SocREC record “research on altruism and citizen participation” (Translated by Bing)


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