Single parents in PRC to rejoin their left-alone children in Hong Kong

This group of parents had me speak to them about one month ago.  A parent without their children numbering about 70 were protesting outside the Family Court building in Hong Kong. They shared with me that as the case has been ongoing for over a decade the press had dropped any coverage.  Glad to see Apple take it back up for public knowledge.  The reality is that a basic human right is that children are to be cared by a parent in attendance – not cared by aunties, grandparents or domestic helpers.  A great disservice and injustice before God to the children if both parents are removed from the care of the child.  Pain, hurt and many consequences lasting a lifetime to a child who experiences this brought on by a court ruling disallowing the child from being raised by both parents.
This practice taken by the court in Hong Kong is a stench before God’s nostrils.
Society for Community Organisation demanded speedier process in the application of the single parents in PRC to reside and rejoin their left-alone children in Hong Kong.
社協到入境處請願 促批單親母來港



Google translate:

Society for Community Organization in Hong Kong with 40 separate mothers and children of single parent families, immigration petition yesterday to reflect the separation of the plight of single-parent family life. SOCO criticized Government continues to ignore children’s rights, so far, no single-parent family reunification with the mainland formulate policies requiring immigration quota of the mainland to fight, and to exercise discretion to ratify a single mother to take care of their children. SOCO quoted government spokesman said the policy did not progress, but will follow up the case.
7,000 children affected
SOCO said that at present there are about 7,000 born in Hong Kong, or the granting of residence OWP children, their father is a Hong Kong people, but to have died or abandoned them, but the mother has not approved the mainland to Hong Kong alone in children Hong Kong became a disguised “orphan.” Group said, single mother for many years the mainland to Hong Kong TWP care of their children, their children would interrupt their studies at regular intervals for several weeks, the mother’s hometown continued “visiting card” studies seriously affected.
Under current immigration policy, the mainland will not be approved OWP single mothers, more than a year to visit relatives signed nor benefit policies parent families. SOCO, said the incident had affected children met with the Director of Immigration, but was refused and pointed OWP decision by the Chinese side; while immigration officials met yesterday, has only said that it would follow up the case, urging the Chief Executive and the Security Bureau immediately Contact the Mainland Public Security, to discuss arrangements for Hong Kong single mothers arrivals arrangements.



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