Student scholar on “occupation of the Central”, but doesn’t know the details

<狀元為何要讀通識??> – 失望!!!


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Try this diploma was born 4 men and 5 women stars champion, Zeng Qihui has become the Church of Christ in China HEEP WOH College first champion for ten years. A general section of all the candidates hard, Kee Hui are “tips”.

She thinks she’s good liberal subject, every newspaper from multi-perspective analysis of current events, but when it comes to “occupation of the Central”, but don’t know the details, comment. 

Xiaobian agreed good liberal subject, must be a newspaper every day, so we’ll listen to the D100 (www.D100.NET)!! Jue did not agree with “comment”, general education is to enable students to understand black and white, and understand the social situation of society!

Source: Appledaily In General # #HK#Hong#DSE#</狀元為何要讀通識??> (Translated by Bing)


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