Demonstration – public filming police.

Viewpoint:  It is very important that the public have a right to film the police in a public setting.  This is a safeguard for the public right to a peaceful demonstration and free speech. –

From the Internet:  Members 71 we receive messages about 6:45 P.M. before and after in the Central MTR station, subway staff around the block from exit j, k (the sweetness a little green) exiting out of the gate, said exports of j, k, only a, b, c, d, can export to Assembly.

This is clearly police violated the consensus of prior meetings with FDD. Is there a friend encountered the same situation on that day? Or with cameras filming? If so, please contact us. Thank you!

民間人權陣線 Civil Human Rights Front

各位,七一當日我們收到訊息,指大約下午6時45分前後在中環地鐵站,被地鐵職員阻止由J、K出口附近(黠點綠位置)出閘機出閘,說J、K 出口都封了,只有 A、B、C、D出口能通往集會。這明顯是警方違反了事前與民陣開會的共識。

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