Schools introducing course materials to brainwash students.




育局小學常識科參考書《香港基本法小學生簡易讀本》被揭內容洗腦,令家長恐慌。本報發現,出版此書的基本法推介聯席會議名譽主席黃富榮,疑是策動六七暴動的鬥委會的學生代表,更因而坐牢。教育界指黃「左到上心口」,要求立即在小學書單抽起此書。<br /><br />根據《六七暴動內情》一書刊載當年《大公報》的鬥委會常務委員名單,名單共187人,有份策動六七暴動、時任工聯會主席楊光排名單首位,黃富榮以香島中學學生身份列第17位。《大公報》在1968年12月報道,學界「出獄戰友代表」黃富榮召開記者會,解說學生如何遭港英政府誣陷和欺壓,指港英政府對學生血腥鎮壓,「一心要遏阻偉大的毛澤東思想在香港的傳播,一心要鎮壓港九同胞日益高漲的愛國熱情」,又稱「所有被港英非法拘禁的愛國師生都是無罪的」

Google translate: Education Studies for Primary Schools reference “Hong Kong Basic Law pupils Easy Reader” brainwashed by exposing the contents to make parents panic. Newspaper found that publishing the book Yaozu honorary chairman Mr Forrest, the suspect is the 1967 riots instigated struggle committee of student representatives, and more so in jail. Education refers to the yellow “to the upper left chest,” demanded the immediate taking out the book in elementary school reading list.

According to “1967 Riot Truth,” a book published in the past, “Ta Kung Pao” Standing Committee bucket list, the list of 187 people have taken instigated riots in 1967, when he was chairman Yang Guang FTU ranked first single, Forrest to Heung To Middle School Students identity column No. 17. “Ta Kung Pao” in December 1968 reported that the academic “prison comrades representative” Forrest held a press conference, explained how students were framed by the British Government and the oppressed, referring to the British Government bloody crackdown on students, “bent to deter the great Mao Zedong Thought spread in Hong Kong, Kowloon and Hong Kong compatriots anxious to suppress the rising patriotism “, also known as” all patriotic British Hong Kong illegally detained students are innocent. “


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