Do you live in a bird cage? Are you truly free?


Hong Kong is a bit like living in a bird cage for most people living here.  Hong Kong gives people some freedom - who must live in Hong Kong and have no way to escape. Often I hear people say I would leave Hong Kong if I could. Some of the people really understand that they are not given total freedoms.  Seemingly, the people who understand get out of their comfort zone, stand up and protest for their rights.  These rights involve education (and for this website, schools), livelihood, political and even travel to and from China.   Like this graphic, the real question is do you live in a small bird cage (maybe your house, a job or even your school), let out to a larger bird cage (Hong Kong territory) but still locked in or are you truly free philosophically and with reality; and can fly anywhere you want outside of a cage with the freedom of practices and ideas of the world?


"Editing room to introduce" "student contribution"
Poetry and prose of universal suffrage

Details: When universal suffrage in place, does not mean that there is no collusion, no weak governance, but at least, every citizen can, through a vote of hands, a genuine popular mandate to elect the Government, or to replace those in power down. But there is no universal suffrage, they are only on paper. Therefore, is not the ultimate aim of universal suffrage, but the starting point for all.


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