EBD oversight of DSS schools it appears to me is almost nonexistent.

I had a conversation with a EBD official last week on a DSS school in Tai Po and their policies.  When I asked if EBD had oversight the EBD leader told me that I should contact the school and not the EBD.  I contacted the school previously and told I was not to have any information.  So I contacted the press and Legco members and started this site for our human rights as the public.

This story can be found here: https://humanrightchild.wordpress.com/2013/07/08/law-ting-pong-secondary-school-mandatory-summer-course-objections-and-protections-for-the-children/

Google translater: From a FB post.

[News Magazine: Again elite turn DSS (a)] the traditional elite St Paul’s Secondary School proposed DSS controversy. School News Magazine discuss this set DSS system problems.

PTU Long Wei-Hua Feng refers to the initial implementation of the DSS has been warning refers DSS school enrollment autonomy to schools, will enable schools tend to admit students with higher socio-economic backgrounds, so that schools “aristocratic.” Primary students may not afford the fees, and fear not dare look down on students enrolled in DSS schools, students with good results so that his family was able to move upward, while grassroots students continue to cross-flow, low-income college opportunities.

St. Paul’s School turn against DSS focus group member Chen Siqi refers Concern Group’s position two. First, St. Paul’s School in the event there is maladministration, School Advisory misconduct, but the Department of Education still accepted for approval. The second is the DSS system properly, the system contrary to teaching without teaching philosophy, so that everyone can receive the same education.

– Thank you to Lo Wai Ming Chris, who seems to be very active with the teachers association of HK and posts of these subjects.  https://www.facebook.com/waiminglo


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