One parent speaks out.


Each student and parent has a right to believe and speak about what they want and to request what is best for their own children.  Education is not a state mandate, this is a parent mandate.
Each parent and each student has a a right to a voice and no one can tell them not to speak out what they feel or think.   I and my own children has been threatened by teachers including “if you speak out you will be punished”.  I can not and will not accept this under any circumstances.

I was a Pastor, now living in Hong Kong for many decades.  Naturally I have love for the family due to my former position as a Pastor that goes beyond my own family.  I would like everyone reading this to know what my direction is all about.

Students in Hong Kong have been given no choice.  Each child is taught in the manner determined by the Education Bureau regardless of what a parent desires or expresses.  Excessive homework, teacher apathy are just some of the problems with a result of an almost complete society breakdown of this young generation.  If we do not stand up for the children today, they will not be able to stand up for themselves in the future. One generation will pass to another generation and we will have let them down.

10 thoughts on “One parent speaks out.

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