Excessive homework for students and deadly results

I am not sure exactly what this says in Chinese.  But maybe it is about doing excessive homework for students.  I spoke to a mother, who is Chinese, and she had so many school and teacher stories from her children’s school and from her many friends who talk together – on how the children are given excessive and even homework that they are not capable of doing it.  Then the teachers rely upon the parents to accomplish the homework.   The teachers do not take responsibility at all.  I was told many friends of that mother are close to emotional breakdowns as are their children for the same reasons.  The mother also volunteers at one her children’s school and she shared about the physical abuse by the children’s family she observes of the children from not doing their homework properly.  She states, The school turns a blind eye.

That is my personal experience also!  I hope a psychologist offers comments into our discussion on the results of what this does to the entire family.   The mother I mentioned shared with me that she read in the Chinese newspaper recently about a child who killed his mother because of the excessive homework.  I am trying to confirm that now.

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