Law Ting Pong Secondary School mandatory summer course. Objections and protections for the children!

School outI am asking for the school to rescind a non-optional (mandatory) policy and that all summer holiday programs are totally optional for ALL students. That no parent has to write a letter explaining their reason for not attending or ask for permission from the school to not attend. (Apparently they took down their summer courses content at the website upon my enquiry as I cannot now find it whereas previously it was easy to find)

This is the school brochure given to the parents dated 2011 that mentions All S3 student are required…
Cost and payee.

This is the school brochure given to the parents dated 2013 that mentions all S1 students (will be uploaded and sent later)
(In Part)
..our school has organized a summer day camp mandatory for all coming S1 students.
Fee: HKD 880 crossed cheque payable to “The Incorporated Management Committee of Law Ting Pong Secondary School)
…(Note: All S1 students are to participate in the camp)
Signed: Ms. Tong Tat Ming, Assistant Principal

This is the private contractor.
Address:Rm 1101, 11/F, Wofoo Commercial Building, 574-576 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2873 2270
Director: Mr Byron Wong (
2013 Brochere from the contractor detailing fees to be paid by the school and signup procedures:
page 2: School Fees and registration
Payment fees by students and schools letter no page number

2010 Brochure:
page 3. Maximum number of students is 120.
1 teacher takes up the position of camp director. (Are any EB teachers taking an additional income from this non-optional camp?)
page 4: Each school recruits students to join the program by themselves.
page 5: Fees and registration to the private contractor.

Legco Member involved:
Lueng Kowk Hung (Long Hair)

Law Ting Pong Secondary School information.
S1 orientation program and English week are organised in the summer vacation before the start of the new school year to help the new S1 students adjust to the new environment.

Ms. Chan, Tai Po District EB School development officer.

to the School Vice Principal, Academic Development Section May 2013

whether the summer vacation and the school summer activities programs for 2013 start from 16 July and end on 31 August, 2013.
whether the summer activities programs are mandatory or optional?
(the school replied but refused to reply to these questions)

school reply June 2013.

“The attendance for the Summer camp it not optional insofar as pupils that have been accepted by the school; those who want to opt out will be required to write to the school to explain their reasons for not joining.”


9 thoughts on “Law Ting Pong Secondary School mandatory summer course. Objections and protections for the children!

  1. This email just came in and I want to post it. It is actually calculated using 2010 prices on the brochure I posted. I have not posted the 2013 brochere or prices yet. It shows something may be “fishy” as I suspect. – Bob

    I have gleened over the mail. I am not entirely sure if the current policy mentioned anything about that, but it looks contradictory and unreasonable. If the students are “invited” then why is it “mandatory” ? But the background of the contractor is quite fishy….just make me feel that somebody is profiting from this…

    Just did a calculation:
    Total number of S3 students = 200 @HK$870 = HK$174,000
    Now it was a day camp, and the venue is the school, so there is NO cost in booking any camp sites (e.g. Baptist Assembly….)
    Lunch, it is dirt cheap, let’s make it $50 per head, so if we deduct lunch $10,000 per day,
    The other stuff costs about $124,000
    Course material for students and other things used for the 5 days, say $500 each, $10,000 in total
    So what is the $114,000 for ? I know the pricing for part time contracting (for I am one, an expensive one)

    5 days, 6 staffs, $300 per hour, 5x8x6x300 = $72,000… but this cost is $0 because they borchure specified they are volunteers…… so what do you make of that ?

    I strongly suggest you go to the press and challenge / question if this is all a profiteering scheme…. what’s the connection of the provider to the school body…. worth having the press to check this out…

    Kind Regards

  2. Another email came in: When I saw the price tag per kid red flags are up… day camp nearly $900 ??? The price is outrageous considering the instructors are not qualified teachers but just overseas students…

    • In reply to a comment: It is collusion at best. When I questioned the school on how the poor children who attend that school and live in the nearby area could afford it, they could give me no answer. Later I found that the school can apply for government money. So not only collusion but using public money. Thanks for paying attention and commenting… My Red flag came up when I asked the Vice Principal why the handout given to the parents said mandatory and his reply was “if we used the word optional no one would sign up for the course.”…

  3. In reply to a email that came in. Bob, is there a risk or is there still enough of freedom to do what you are doing from D ?… My reply: Great risk David. But it depends upon how risk is defined. Doing the right thing or doing the wrong thing. I do the right thing and it is not risk. I am praying for your health.

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