A Tai Po primary school engages in shameful practices.


Tai Po Old Market Primary (Plover Cove) Government school tore up some of their basketball courts and build an indoor swimming pool, and as they stated it was for the sake of the students. That sounds reasonable so far!

Then they solicited money from parents for the new indoor pool.  Sounds a little more shaky!

Then they spent millions and as I understand it gave a loan to a private contractor to build the building and then signed a long term contract with the same swimming business.  Red flags going up!

Then the children receive flyer’s in the mail addressed to the children home address but it was from the swim business.  –  Now they have crossed the line to a child’s right to privacy.

Then the swim lessons is offered to anyone, attending the school or otherwise, who will pay and sign up.  The school swim team (of which my daughter was part of had to practice at 7am). When I asked for the team practice to be moved to after school at 3pm so the children could have proper sleep and breakfast, I was told that it was possible that my daughter would not be allowed on the team if I continued to speak up.

The bottom line is that the contractor organizes fee paying lessons after school to late in the evenings and still does.  The children of the school team had to become 2nd class students in their own school to accommodate fee paying participants and from outsiders.  The Headmistress knew and understood all as I may sure of it.  

My daughter even told me she had to sleep on the nearby park bench of the public park in the morning as she had arrived early before the school had opened. Another Shameful School practice that should be exposed.


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